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Lynchburg Men 5.0 Advance to Nationals

  Lynchburg Adult League Men 5.0 Champions advance to USTA Nationals
   Not only can Dave Basten, captain of the Lynchburg Men 5.0 League Champions, quote every stat of every player in the Lynchburg and Mid Atlantic League, but he has shown that he can lead a team to victory by capturing the Mid Atlantic Sectional Title three times, and advancing to a USTA National Championship three times as well!
  Three of his men's teams have won the 4.5 and 5.0 divisions and made their way to Hawaii, and not to Indian Well,, California where they competed strongly for the National Adult League Men 5.0 title!  Ending the tournament at 2-2, they competed with heart and lots of ability as they gave their opponents worthy matches.
   Team players- Chad Mooney, Tommy McDonald, Kyle Allen, Dave Basten, Captain, Peter Pristach, Youssef Bouzidi, Drew Robinson, Kenan Bell .  Joe Carroll was also a member of the team, but did not attend the National Championship.
    Thank you guys for a fantastic job, and for representing Lynchburg in such a competitive way!